Summary Of MCodes

M-code Functions
M0 Program stop
M1 Optional program stop
M3/M4 Rotate spindle clockwise/counterclockwise
M5 Stop spindle rotation
M6 Tool change (by two macros)
M7 Mist on

Flood on

M9 Mist & flood off
M30 Program end and rewind
M47 Repeat program from first line
M48 Enable speed and feed override
M98 Call subroutine
M99 Return from subroutine/repeat


A A axis of machine
B B axis of machine
C C axis of machine
D Tool radius compensation number
F Feedrate
G See G-codes table
H Tool length offset index
I X axis offset for arc
  X offset in G87 canned cycle
J Y axis offset for arcs
  Y offset in G87 canned cycle
K Z axis offset for arcs
  Z offset in G87 canned cycle
L Number or repetitions in canned cycles/subroutines
  L1/L2: tool offset settings / fixture offset (with G10)
M See M-codes
N Line number
O Subroutine label number
P Dwell time in a canned cycle
  Dwell time with G4
  Tool / Fixture number (with G10)
  Tool radius (with G41 / G42
Q Feed increment in G83 canned cycle
  Repetitions of subroutine call
R Arc radius
  Canned cycle retract level
S Spindle speed
T Tool selection
X X axis of machine
Y Y axis of machine
Z Z axis of machine