Where can I find Mach Blue Probing by Big-Tex?
Big-Tex.tk website was around from 1999 till it disappeared in 2019.
CNC enthusiasts would visit the site to purchase Mach3 screen sets, and other products.
Here is a link we found about where to download the Big-Tex.tk screenset on a public blog site.

Big-Tex Where to download
A post about where to download the Big-Tex screenset

Download it from here          (this is the location mentioned in the post)

Here are some other options if you are looking for other types of products like this.
If you have a question please click here , and send us an email.

SmartScreens for Mach3          It’s free and fully functional for 60 days

Mach3 2010 Screenset          Try SmartScreens for 2010, It’s included in SmartScreens for Mach3

Newfangled Solutions Screensets          You can get SmartSreens for Mach3 from here also!

ArtSoft / NewFangled Products: CNC Zone

Vectric Products:          Look for special bundle opportunities