How we got here: technology milestones and business achievements

The people behind nGeneYes have a strong history of technological breakthroughs and success in meeting the needs of a wide array of clients. Following is a brief chronology of our achievements over the years.

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2002 to Present
The right prescription for reducing a medical school’s shipping costs
Curing repair tracking and diagnostic woes for a medical imaging group
Sewing up a 20% gain in efficiency for an international textiles division
Bringing new levels of quality control to a technology leader
Bringing a unique networking solution to the table for a themed restaurant chain
An end to downtime and constant technology problems
A History of nGeneYes Success Stories
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1999 to 2002

By 1998 ARvee Systems had completed hundreds of systems for companies all over the world. Even though EVERY system was unique, they did have one thing in common. Document Management… This was the DOT COM era, so our founders formed another corporation. was born. In 2002 the product that was created by and all of the related assets were sold to ConvergentEDM This would trigger a rebirth of what was ARvee Systems was reborn as nGeneYes,Inc.

A Nuts & Bolts Solution for United Fastener Company
New Technology Will 'Change the Way We Do Business
Driving a Limousine Service to New Levels of Success
An International Trading Company Increases Efficiency 20% with ERM/COLD Technology
A Major Marketing Company Saves $850K and Steamlines Operations With OCR
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1990 to 2000

In 1990 our founders started ARvee Systems. They did this by reverse engineering an interface to a proprietary High Tech Japanese Manufacturing System. Then licensed it back to them for distribution around the United Sates and Europe. ARvee Systems was a Specialized Software Development Company, (just like nGeneYes) that would go through some evolutionary changes over the next 2 decades.

An Industrial Corporation Eliminates Guesswork, Documentation and Tracking Problems with an Integrated Environment
A Customized Order-Tracking System Improves Profits and Performance for an International Trading Company
ARvee's Commitment to Service
Expertise and Innovation That Have Earned National Recognition
A Specialized Tracking System That Helps A Fire Department Save Lives
Security is Provided in Every ARvee Application
INCONTROL is an Integrated Hardware/Software Solution That Helps Manage Your Network
Creating Barcode Solutions for Several Worldwide Corporations
Developing Media Capture Systems Using State-of-the-Art Imaging Technology
Customized Interface Systems Improve Quality Control and Productivity
A Proven Track Record in Communications for Varied Environments
ARvee Offers Flexible Graphical and Text-Based Report Packages
A Technology Leader's Quality Control Success