SmartScreen Credits

There have been many more Mach3 ScreenSets before this one, and I must say their creators did a really good job… So why create another one, especially so long after many of the others had been created. Honestly because it just was not what I needed. Anyway I hope you like it. If you do, let us know. If you do not, definitely let us know. Now on to the credits.

I must start by thanking all of the developers on our staff who contributed to this. Many who have been part of our team for more that 20 years, and to the contract developers who helped us with all of the pieces that we could just not cram into our already busy schedule.

Although I have never spoken with any of them… Thank you to the developers of Mach3, both past and present for creating the product. Without their product I could not have created SmartScreens or any of the Garage Projects I created. I am looking forward to creating a Mach4 version of this… As soon as I take a short vacation and recover from this development effort.

I could not have done this without MachScreen to create the ScreenSet portion of SmartScreens. Again, I have never met nor spoken to him either. Thank you Klaus Dietz, you product helped make this possible.

When I was at the end of the development process and I had begun compiling the scripts. I was up against a brick wall. I reached out to several people who I thought may be able to help me… But it was David Bagby from Calypso Ventures, Inc. who replied and helped me sort out some issues that were acting as a road block to my completing this project.

I could not have done this without user support. There are too many to name here but I must mention those who started early in the process… The most difficult time… More importantly they stayed with us trying version after version until we worked out all the kinks. John Krimbl, Louis Mielke and Bill Griggs of CNCRouterTips

To my neighbor, a brother from another mother Sam Shafir… First of all he listened to me ramble on about this project. After hearing about it over and over he still came over to help me modify my machine to do all of the crazy things I wanted it to do. And… He made sure I did not cut any corners.

Sam… Thank You.

Last but not least, my wife of 38 years for putting up with me during this process. I took on this project, in addition to everything else that I have going on. I tell you always you are the love of my life.

Maria… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Oh and by the way, the tool you saw in the garage… Its not new I had that for a while.